Independent Learning

The school encourages learners to use the equipment and learning programmes provided in order to develop their skills of working independently. This is a vital skill for all learners and we strive to foster these skills from year 7 onwards.

Every pupil is expected to complete homework/independent work/coursework promptly and to the highest standard possible. The nature of the tasks is varied and can include: writing an assignment, preparing and researching for a written or oral assignment, visiting a library, studying a television programme, revising, memorising information, studying and learning work done in class.

Pupils are expected to record each task in their Organiser noting also the date for submission.

Your support as parents is very important in the process of helping complete independent tasks. We ask you to look regularly at the Organiser in order to help your child to organise his/her time outside school hours and to prevent a backlog of tasks. Ensuring a quiet place and sufficient time will help your child to successfully complete his/her tasks. We ask parents also to sign the Organiser at the end of each week as a way of keeping the all-important contact between home and school.


YearExpected timings per subject
7 & 8Up to 30 minutes in each subject every timetable cycle (3 weeks)
9Up to 45 minutes in each subject every timetable cycle (3 weeks)
10 & 11Up to 60 minutes in each subject every week
12 & 13Up to 120 minutes in each subject every week