More Able and Talented

At Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Llangynwyd we believe in the need to create an inclusive learning community that celebrates each child’s unique character, ability and talent. As a school we will promote stimulating and challenging experiences through a broad and balanced curriculum, rich, quality activities that focus on particular needs and talents, and careers and academic advice. We are committed to providing support and to meeting the needs of learners as soon as possible to enable them to achieve their best.

In accordance with the school’s motto and mission statement this policy aims to develop provision for our MAT learners by:


  • Developing a curriculum that extends and enriches the learning experiences of this particular group of learners
  • Developing a range of learning and teaching strategies that extend and support learner’s development.
  • Developing emotional, career and social support.
  • Working effectively in partnership with learners and parents / carers to provide information on latest support mechanisms.
  • Identifying needs and developing a whole school approach to meeting the needs of more able and talented learners
  • Identifying and recording the names of more able learners on the school’s SIMS / Progress Record system
  • Identifying talented learners on the school’s SIMS / Progress Record system
  • Ensuring effective monitoring and evaluation systems are in place.


To ensure a school-wide understanding of MAT learners there are agreed definitions of the phrase ‘more able and talented’:


We consider that the term ‘more able’ covers academically more able learners across the curriculum.

We consider that the term ‘talented’ covers those who demonstrate outstanding talent in particular subjects or curriculum areas or who have advanced skills, such as sporting, artistic, musical, drama or dance skills as well as leadership and interpersonal skills