Careers and the world of work is an important part of the school curriculum and in preparing young people for their future move into employment. As a school we ensure that all young people get the opportunity to learn about the world of work, the skills, knowledge and qualifications employers need, and the range of careers choices available. Although not a requirement the school continues to offer the opportunity for learners to carry out placements with an employer in year 10 and year 12.

From year 7 learners are given access to the CareersWales website which includes a range of information and activities associated with employment and the work of work. In addition the school provides a variety of activities through the main curriculum and designated Challenges dates so that they are able to make well informed decisions in regards to their future.


KS3Enterprise activities such as creating and selling a product or service.

Recognise and develop personal and interpersonal skills.

Recognise the need to become competent at
managing personal finances.

Presentations about post 14 Learning Pathways and the labour market.
KS4Enterprise and Employability Challenge National / Foundation.

Develop an understanding for managing budgets and the benefits of saving.

Understand how to write a CV and prepare for an interview.

Work Experience.

Presentations on post 16 Learning Pathways and the labour market.

Various career-focused visits which include Careers Fayres, SkillsCymru, Universities.

Individual meeting for each learner to discuss and assist with post 16 pathway choices.
KS5Enterprise and Employability Challenge Advanced.

Understand for to write a personal standpoint and prepare for an interview.

Recognise opportunities within further education, apprenticeships and paid employment.

Understand characteristics of pay and salaries.

Develop an understanding of accessing credit and how to access impartial advice.

Work Experience.


Impartial advice is available to learners through the Careers Wales officer and information about local career opportunities such as apprenticeships are shared through and the school careers notice board.