Additional Learning Needs

The school endeavours to meet each pupil’s additional learning needs. Provision ranges from withdrawal from certain lessons to providing a support teacher/assistant within lessons.

There are additional intervention groups to support literacy and numeracy. Various programmes are used to develop reading skills in Welsh and in English. There are also interventions to help pupils develop their social skills.

During the process of identifying and analysing a pupil’s specific needs the school works closely with parents so that a strong and effective partnership is established.

One of the Governors has been nominated to take a specific interest in special educational needs. Good links have been established between the school and the County including the Educational Psychology Service and other external agencies.

The school site and building have been adapted appropriately to meet the requirements of pupils and adults with additional needs.

Tŷ Derwen ASD Learning Resource Centre

The learning resource centre provides intensive periods of effective teaching in partnership with the mainstream teachers, to raise the standards of learners with a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The focus of the provision is to develop the social, emotional, behavioural and communication skills of learners with ASD or social and communication difficulties. It can also allow learners to access the curriculum at a level appropriate to them by helping them develop literacy and numeracy skills, independence, social and life skills through a variety of teaching and learning activities and to allow them to reach their full potential in mainstream education.

The breakfast, break, lunchtime clubs, sensory room and social areas provided the learners with a safe and calm environment where they can socialise as well as catch up on homework.

The Centre offers an ASD-friendly approach and supports an ASD-friendly approach across the school.

The Additional Learning Needs Code (ALN)

Information for Learners

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Information for Parents

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