The aims and objectives of the school are:

  • To promote the ethos of Team Llan as learners, staff, parents and governors working effectively with each other to ensure success for all learners and to honour the good name of the school.
  • To create a living community / society where moral and spiritual values are appreciated and where virtues such as justice, honesty, trust, tolerance and a feeling of duty are emphasised.
  • To give every learner the opportunity to master the craft/skill of communicating in both Welsh and English, emphasising the fact that the Welsh language is the natural and educational language of the school.
  • To develop the ethos of Team Llan, by assisting the learner in developing work place skills so enabling them to work both independently and as a team member.
  • To prepare every learner to live as a responsible and valuable member of society, to develop a strong relationship with others and to develop self-respect whilst respecting other people, property and the environment.
  • To help the learner to appreciate the heritage and culture of Wales and to be able to contribute to a multilingual society in Wales, Europe and the world.
  • To ensure that all members of staff are accessible to appropriate opportunities in order to develop professionally.