Learner Support

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher                                                                            Mr Meurig Jones                  

Deputy Headteacher                                                             Mrs Lisa Woodrow  

Assistant Headteacher                                                         Miss Catrin Evans   

Assistant Headteacher                                                         Mr Owen Lewis

Assistant Headteacher                                                        Mr Iwan Jones    


Progress and Wellbeing

ALNCO                                                                                       Mrs Lisa Woodrow             

Senior Pastoral Lead                                                           Mr Owain Tudur                  

Head of Year 7                                                                        Mr Meirion Morgan                   

Head of Year 8                                                                        Miss Emily Lewis             

Head of Year 9                                                                        Miss Cerys John          

KS4 Leader of Progress and Wellbeing                         Mr David Owen                     

Head of Year 10                                                                      Mr David Owen      

Head of Year 11                                                                      Mr Tomos Loosemore                      

KS5 Leader of Progress and Wellbeing                        Mr John Manuel

Head of Year 13                                                                      Mrs Anna Grundy


Pastoral Care

  • Personal Tutor
  • Head of Year
  • Head of Progress and Wellbeing
  • Learning Support Officers
  • Wellbeing and Nurture Officer
  • Family Engagement Officer

Contacting the School

It is possible to contact the school through the following means:

Telephone                                  01656 815700

Send an e-mail to                    post@yggllangynwyd.pen-y-bont.cymru

Upon contacting the school, parents will be asked what is the purpose of the call in order that the office can direct the call to the appropriate person and/or pass on the message to the appropriate person.  It will not be possible to speak directly to a subject teacher or form tutor. If it is necessary to pass an important message to a pupil, this will be done at the start or end of a lesson.  It isn’t always possible to speak directly with a member of Senior Management. A message will be relayed to the appropriate person.

Absence Line

In order that we are able to process information on absences as efficiently as possible, we now have a direct line for recording messages regarding pupil absence. 

The number for this line is 01656 815708.

Our website provides information of current events, successes and important dates www.yggllangynwyd.cymru