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05/02/2021: YGGLlangynwyd Health and Wellbeing day – Whole School

The main aim of the day is to relax and take ownership of your personal wellbeing.  The day will include a combination of a Health and Wellbeing activity menu, various live Wellbeing sessions plus G.E.P. TIME in order to improve the quality of a piece of work, complete an unfinished task or to further explore a topic that is of great interest to you.

How about joining in with a live WELLBEING session of your choice through Google Meet on Friday?

Time of Sessions = 11.00am-11.45am

Option 1: HiiT Fitness Excercise Session (with the PE Department)

GOOGLE MEET joining code: addgorff

Option 2: Live Cooking Session ‘Shortbread’ (With the TECHNOLOGY Department).

GOOGLE MEET joining code: technoleg

Find the recipe and required ingredients by following the link Shortbread

Option 3:  Making Creative Faces Session (With the ART Department

GOOGLE MEET joining code: celf

05/02/2021 : Health and Wellbeing – Whole School

05/02/2021:  LIve Wellbeing Sessions

05/02/2021:  Health and Wellbeing Menu

Year 11 Parents Evening – 11/2/2021

Letter Year 11 Parents Evening – scroll for English letter.

Please use this form to prioritise subjects for a follow up call on Thursday 11th of Febuary

The class teachers will be making calls between 3:30 and 6:00 to discuss your child’s progress. If the demand is high for a particular teacher it’s possible that another member of the department will make the call.

Year 11 Parents Evening Questionnaire


Unfortunately due to the weather and the subsequent condition of the school site, Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Llangynwyd will not be open for our HUB children today.



Y Swyddfa